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The Health Benefits of Jackfruit, the Buzzy Vegan Meat Substitute That’s Popping Up Everywhere

Have you noticed the oversized, green, sea urchin-like fruit in your supermarket’s produce section? It’s called jackfruit, and it happens to be a dead ringer for meat. The buzzy vegan substitute is popping up in recipes for pulled “pork” sandwiches, tacos, chili, even sushi bowls. The tropical native has actually been used for centuries in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and […]

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The Fake Meat Revolution

The fleshy lump of protein sizzles on the griddle, turns from pink to brown, emits crimson juices, and releases a deep smoky aroma. Plonked in a bun, it looks just like a beef burger. But this patty is made from pea protein, its luscious fat comes from canola and coconut oils, and that blood-red colour […]